Share contact information, co-workers calendars, appointment book of associates, colleagues planners, take and send phone messages through the computer network


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Office Communications
Project Coordination
Group Ready Software

Installs in 5 minutes

Easy to use

Get organized!

30 day money back guarantee


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Send memos to anyone in the office without leaving your desk or printing a form. Keep your messages organized. Never again lose an important message or ask for a frequent caller's phone number. Lets your office share important information and communicate without the expense and administration hassles of Exchange or SQL.  

Get everything you need to keep your office running smoothly - integrated into one easy to use system: Scheduling, project management, messaging, call tracking, contact database, client information management and more.
Time management made easy!
  • Phone messaging with attachable notes. Take multiple messages at a time
  • Group messaging
  • Key word search on scheduled events, to do or call lists
  • Group accessible Calendar
  • Group accessible To-do list
  • Reminders Alert for important scheduled events
  • In / Out Board - who is in the office and who is out!
  • Automatic notification when someone changes a co-workers schedule
  • Key word search on scheduled events, to do or call lists
  • Link messages, to do's, and scheduled events (appointments) to a client folder Organizing and managing all data items from one screen.
  • Contact Database (address, phone, notes, etc) Auto pasting  letter addresses
  • Log outgoing calls
  • An outstanding step by step manual under the help menu.
  • Installs easily in 5 minutes with the assistance of  IT personnel.  Most users don't even need to look at the manual to get started. Comes with  60 days free technical support. Inexpensive annual support available.









Password protection can be enabled for Messages,  Phone Lists, Schedules and To-do lists and may be implemented for one or all users depending upon office needs.

Add-on Features:

  Sync with Palm 
           Pocket PC
  Remote access


"We use it  here at as our customer relations management software.  Part of our success is due to the improved communication and information tracking we have on each of our customers.  We could not be as effective without it!"




Get the cooperation of your coworkers and have them perform beyond expectations with this office efficiency software. 
Schedule automatic reminders for critical deadlines and appointments. 
Scheduling and Project Management

Bring up multiple schedules at once
Private entries
User definable item codes
Item code and folder filters
Free time finder
Create group entries
Event locking
Advanced date calculator

Link client/project items together
Group calendar
Drag and drop rescheduling/delegation
Related Entries feature
Day, week, month, year & list views
Over a dozen different print options
Preset holidays
Convert appt into to-do and vice-versa
Overdue deadline notifications
Dozens of recurring item options
Appts and to-do items have similar fields
Client information auto-fill
Extensive search options
Calls-to-make view
And more...
Messaging, Call Tracking and In/out Board
Instant messaging
Phone, memo & e-mail message types
User definable folders
Link messages to clients/projects
Auto forward to cell phone
Attach sticky notes to messages
One click message taking
Track incoming/outgoing calls
Advanced voice mail logging
Caller ID support
Dozen of print options
Office-wide in/out board
Message templates & drafts
Client information auto-fill
Extensive search options
Centralized e-mail management
Spam filters
And more...
Client Relationship Management
Office-wide contact database
Individual contact databases
User definable Categories
Multiple contacts per entry
Link any contacts, schedule/to-do items, messages, calls and any documents, faxes or other client files
View everything in File Cabinet view
Multiple folders per client
Quick-paste auto-formatted addresses
Extensive search options
Over 90 label printing formats
Several report formats
Attach sticky notes to entries
 call 800-216-0763 for more information